A Prelude to Cinco de Mayo!

Your LA Winds Cinco de Mayo celebration begins with our latest Virtual performance project — thrilling performances of two South of the Border classics: the Zacatecas March and the Aztec Fire section of “La Fiesta Mexicana.” Mike Armstrong, the featured LA Winds member on our last “Four Winds on Wednesdays” live stream, has done another fantastic job of putting together the performances of nearly 60 LA Winds members in what promises to be an unforgettable musical experience for our LA Winds family!

Dan Hernandez shares his own personal experience with Zacatecas, one of Mexico’s regional national anthems.  Nest up you’ll enjoy his beautiful clarinet artistry as he performs the opening to Robert Schumann’s classic “Fantasy Pieces.” Featured next are LA Winds’ flutists Susan Anderson and Debbie MacMurray who discuss the unique and fascinating qualities of “Big Flutes” which the Winds have featured both in concert and in our “Four Winds” series.  They’ll also share their experiences with a variety of performing ensembles both here in America and abroad.

We’ll close out our Cinco de Mayo festivities with the legendary Col. Arnald Gabriel leading the LA Winds in a lively performance of Clifton Williams’ evocative and energetic “Fiesta!”

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