On the Road

The Los Angeles Symphonic Winds have occasional opportunities to take their music on the road locally, nationally, and internationally. The group has performed at numerous festivals, conferences, community service events, and civic events.

Performing at these special events provides the Los Angeles Symphonic Winds with an opportunity to present its music to new audiences that otherwise might not be exposed to concert band music, or to audiences unfamiliar with the Los Angeles Symphonic Winds.

As a result of these concerts, the Los Angeles Symphonic Winds have grown in stature and prestige, and are widely recognized as one of the top community bands in the United States. Additionally, touring provides the members of the band with an opportunity to grow musically and personally.

Members are able to play in interesting and challenging venues, listen to other top-level concert bands, and meet fellow musicians from around the world. Touring also helps to foster a sense of camaraderie within the group which helps the band in its work at home.