Support the LA Winds

The Los Angeles Symphonic Winds could not exist without the support of generous contributions from our members, concert attendees, subscription tickets holders, community members and local businesses. We are currently pursuing non-profit (501c3) status to facilitate outreach for grant-funding along with other benefits. This non-profit status also allows our donors to apply their donations as a tax-deductions on their tax returns.

Did you realize that each of the member musicians who participate as performers are not paid and in fact, pay yearly dues to support our program? Also, the cost for venues, recordings, music rental and purchases, percussion equipment rental, rehearsal space and more cannot be absorbed by ticket sales revenue! The LA Symphonic Winds is required to seek additional funding in order to survive and thrive.

We are extremely grateful to many who have made this program viable, including our current sponsors. If you would like to join this prestigious group, please contact us through this form!