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Cookie Contest Winners!

Great Job Bakers | Winning Recipe

Congratulations to our Holiday Cookie Contest winner:


Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Way to go, Kat! You won by a LANDSLIDE!

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe
24 caramels, unwrapped (from 14-oz bag)
2 tablespoons half-and-half
1/3 cup semisweet chocolate chips, melted
1 teaspoon coarse sea salt

When cookies come out of the oven make a small indentation in the middle and allow to cool. Once cooled, spoon melted caramel into center of cookie to fill indentation and sprinkle a small amount of coarse sea salt over the caramel. After caramel has cooled and set, drizzle melted semi-sweet chocolate over the top of the cookie. Cookies can be left out for the chocolate to set or if you would like to speed up the process they can be placed in the refrigerator. When chocolate has hardened cookies are ready to be enjoyed!

Congratulations to our 2nd Place Winners

Debbie MacMurray: Chocolate “Mice”
Julia Damron: Meyer Lemon Almond cookies

With appreciation to all who generously contributed cookies:

And an extra warm thank you to Arlene Sobel for organizing and manning the cookie tables! She reported that the concert attendees thoroughly enjoyed all of your creations and donations — thank you!

  • Emily Warmann
  • Beatrice Luna
  • Deborah Mac Murray
  • Kathryn Cross
  • Steve Woloshin
  • Susan Winsberg
  • Susan Anderson
  • Mark Markus
  • Janis Holland
  • Paula Savastano
  • Leonard Daly
  • Lindsay Affleck
  • Ed Etayo
  • Freddi Rokaw
  • Carolyne Maraaghi
  • Lauren Silverman Appel
  • Julia Damron
  • Herb Silverman

Casting Director Request (Wendy Green)

Hello, my name is Wendy Green and I’m a casting director in Los Angeles. We are casting a TV commercial this week for an American car company searching for communities and people who come together. We are searching within the wonderful Band community and found you.

We are seeking performers and groups that come together in diversity where gender, race, age and politics don’t matter. They may come together to share a moment, share opinions or they may come together for a cause.

This can be a story about a great band member, a band volunteering, a school band, a community group band, or any event that bring people together and inspire us.

The shoot will happen in December 2017- the person will be needed 1 to 2 days. Our film crew will fly to you, no matter how remote you are.

If your are chosen for the TV commercial there will be compensation of:
Lead person: $671.70 per day
Extras: $366.35 per day.
*We intend to employ all performers under the Screen Actors Guild Commercial Contract at scale and to obtain all the rights provided for in the Standard Employment Contract

Casting is super easy, quick I can interview you via FaceTime, Skype or I can send you a video conference link to your email address.
If you would like to schedule a casting we are available anytime from 8th Nov right up to Dec 1st 2017 from 10.00am to 8pm and yes I work weekends.

I’m hoping to hear from you soon.

My cell 310 7457022
My website is
My email is
My Facebook is

Member Update Post – test

Information for LA Winds Members

Congratulations on a successful Oktoberfest concert on 10/1/17 at the Calabasas HS Performing Arts Center.

The audience was quite attentive and really enjoyed the repertoire, especially the wonderful addition of our vocalists.

This post should be sent to a few selected individuals and arrive on Sunday morning. For the post to be sent to the campaign list (in Mail Chimp) the category must be designated as “Member Information.”

Our next regular rehearsal with the entire group will be on Monday, November 13th for the 1st rehearsal for the Holiday Concert.