Monday, February 17th: Sectional Rehearsals. Work on technically challenging parts, in particular those that occur in Molly on the Shore, Barnum and Bailey, Hands Across the Sea, Forward and Bells for Stokowski.  We’ll have lots of rehearsal time on Bells so make sure the others are in good shape technically.

Monday, February 24th: Keber, Grainger, Joplin (Treemonisha), Hands  INT Bells

Monday, March 2nd: Massenet, Barnum, Forward, Bells INT Bells, Domine

Monday, March 9th: Keber, Hands, Massenet, Barnum, Grainger, Forward INT Joplin, Bells

Friday, March 13th: Program Order: Forward, Hands, Grainger, Massenet, Domine INT Barnum, Keber, Joplin, Bells

Sunday, March 15th: Concert Calabasas High School Performing Arts and Education Center at 2:30 PM, Sound check at 11:30 AM.

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