Hello Band Members:

If you are interested in buying Band Member Tickets at $10 each for the next concert, we will use the same process used for the last concert, but starting one rehearsal earlier.

At rehearsal starting on Monday, 10/28, there will be an order sheet to request tickets at a Band Member Special Price of $10 each (regular price is $30). The sheet will also be available at the 11/4rehearsal. All orders and payments must be submitted by 11/4.

Add your name and # of tickets requested to the order sheet, and make you payment in cash or check (made payable to ‘Los Angeles Symphonic Winds’) to Steve Woloshin, Susan Anderson or Beatrice Luna when you sign up.

Tickets will be distributed to you at the 11/18 rehearsal, and the 11/22 dress rehearsal for those who cannot attend on 11/18.

As before, special requests for seating will be accommodated where possible, but are not guaranteed. (We currently have sold about 50% of the hall, and “preferred seating” areas are sold out.)

Please contact Steve Woloshin with any questions. His email is: swoloshin@dslextreme.com

Steve Woloshin