Hello LA Winds Members,

For those of you who have already paid your dues donations, thank you! For those who have not yet done so, please make your payment no later than Friday of this week. It is important that all performing members make their contributions now so we can ensure we know who will be performing at the October 13 concert and the rest of the season. As mentioned before, if you anticipate some financial hardship orother issue with playing, please see Mr. Piazza or Steve Woloshin.

You can easily pay by check, cash or at www.lawinds.com\dues

New Members, please read the guidelines for performers in the LA Winds. Check with your section leader or manager if you have any questions.

Returning Member, please review the guidelines once more to ensure you stay updated.

You can find the guidelines onlineat: http://lawinds.com/musicians/member-portal/member-guideline

Steve Woloshin (swoloshin@dslextreme.com 408-204-9431)